Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gathering up Contact Information

I recently contacted some of my fellow classmates about organizing the Class of 1990's 20th reunion for the summer of 2010. We are in the beginning stages yet; mostly trying to gather contact information for all of our classmates. If you have contact information on the people listed below, feel free to email me at heidielliott@me.com.

You can also hop over to Facebook to look us up as well. On Facebook, there is also a group called Toulon High School in the 80's. We probably will also be posting information about the reunion there as well.

Thanks and see you all sometime next summer!


  1. Way to go Heidi. How do we add info to this? Is their a link to the document posted?

    Any one have Shannon Hoffman's info? Saw his name on the list.

    What about Casey Hall. He was in school with us off and on for a long time just like Rick Collins.

    I see Nicole young on the list do you have her info. Her sister in on my list of folks. I could ask her if we don't have it. I could also call Mike W. and ask his wife Stacey (Hall) Winslow what her bro is up to.

  2. Shannon's parents live in Toulon. Has it really been 20 years?